Dutchess has been out the sex game for a while and is ready to start knocking some things off her fucket list. She finally agrees to go on a dinner date with Marcus who she has been confiding in about all her sexual fantasies

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"For The Love Of The Hustle Trilogy" is a gritty street tale that chronicles the life of Cuz and The Hustle Bunnies. They are a group of young people that have been caught up in the street life but truly want out! Yet, the obstacles and situations that arise may cause death and mayhem.

Tae finds herself battling between saving her marriage or keeping her sanity. She struggles to keep her marriage intact while her husband Antoine does everything in his power to destroy it.


Major and Kia are forced to move to The Gates, a small project on the outskirts of Chicago when their father Cardo, a mid-level drug Lord is sentenced to prison and murdered. Major, cut from same cloth as Cardo, falls naturally into the drug game after the untimely death of their mother Korrie shortly after moving to The Gates. With Major and Kia on their own for survival Major moves quickly up the ranks to leader of The Gates. When enemies invade, how will Major and Kia protect where they call home?​

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